Wind of Change

As I was struggling to sleep today, I powered up my netbook to glimpse through the minds of a billion other countrymen through some of their blogs. I have always felt that any pilot survey can be more or less generalised if a respectable sample size is used. I thought of going through the blogs I have followed most diligently through the years.I was, however in for a surprise when I saw that any of those blogs(around 20 in number) had either  been ignored completely or given little attention in the past few months. Starting from classmates to engineers to scientists to people in the literary field, I thought I had a reading pool that could never quite dry up.Guess I was pretty wrong out there.

Although I had picked up a few new and interesting weblogs along the way(Sayesha, Twisha, Knotty knight, Soham, among others) with the spattering of a few FOSS blogs(cyberorg, zonker, o-reilly, helios, ...) but familiarity is a feeling which is very difficult to compromise with. On a somewhat disappointed note, I caught up on my reading using Brief, another of those RSS readers the guys came up with for FF3.5(FOSS rocks, again). Although there were beautiful pieces(both tech and linguistic), I felt myself yearning for writings I had grown up with in my cyberlife.

As I swept through Jua's blog, I found a promise for more stories somewhat hollow given the fact that no posts had come up in over three months. Shrink's quips seemed missing, with 2 months of abyssmal emptiness. The FOSSmeister  Debayan's post, rare as they were, had become too FOSSy for comfort, with his stories of college life lost in the misty travails of time. Roshan too, in this respect was too FOSSy, but thats what he's always done, so full marks for consistency, not to mention quality. The 'new bloggers' Shouvik , P*da & Jiten had self confessedly underfed blogs. Sherry never quite switched over from FOSS to VLSI, getting left strangled in between. That left me with the now defunct Abhi squared [Kelasis][Nash], who would find it difficult to remember when either last posted.

I dare not chastise any of the aforementioned people for their inactivity, for to be fair, they make better use of their time than I do, and I have myself blogged in grossly inadequate quantities over the course of this year. But the mind yearns for those eagerly awaited and diligently followed blogposts that never fail to bring a smile to my lips or a wrinkle of thoughtfulness to my forehead, as the situation might call for.

So, dear blogosphere of mine(both erstwhile and current), do not abandon me. Post for the sake of your readers, if not for your own.

P.S. The links/names included are suggestive, not exhaustive. Someday I will post a fuller list of what I read in cyberspace.


abhirupa said...
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Abhijit Bhattacharyya said...

u can atleast use my real name in ur blog entries....

Anonymous said...

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