Please copy this as your status if you...

Dear friends,
So you didn't have a laptop in your childhood. That was not because of how your parents raised you, but because it was not at all useful for you to have that prohibitively costly toy then, which can bring to a kid today the world's storehouse of knowledge, and a lot more. 

The iPod wasn't invented, Blackberry is not meant for children to play with, some of you probably did have a Nintendo, and just didn't know it, and the Xboxes and PS3s were yet to be brought out in their current form. 
And really, Wi-fi? What would you be doing with a Wifi again, if there was no internet backbone to connect it to?

You have possibly lost out on a lot more than you purportedly gained because you had a Contra instead of a Commodore, an Atari, an Apple II, or the likes back then.

I had a beautiful childhood too, not because I didn't have a lappie, a PS3 or whatever, but because of all the great things I did have, among them great family and friends.

It is good to appreciate what you have, but that does not entail begrudging others their benefits or differences.

Sharing lame statuses in an attempt to appear what ever you are trying to appear as, does not change the lameness of the initial premise.


Yours sincerely,

Koushik Kumar Nundy.

P.S. This is in direct response to a facebook status meme about how beautiful some of my peers' childhoods were, and how cool they are courtesy their non-involvement in technical and democratic exercises in their tiny tot times. However it can be generalised to cover any such "Please copy this as your status if you.." incidents, because,

  1. FB asks for what's on YOUR mind, G+ asks for what's NEW,... please, this is neither particularly in your mind, nor is it too new!
  2. Twitter asks what's happening, if you post such status forwards, your childishness, if not your childhood is still happening.
  3. If copying statuses would cure cancer and rid us of terrorism, corruption and a thousand other maladies, oncologists, radiologists, soldiers, political leaders would have all become "Social Media Experts" instead.
  4. People who are on such platforms to keep in touch with old friends or develop bonds with new ones, are truly, madly, deeply getting irritated.
  5. When people start getting tired of such stuff, they will write even more tiring blogposts as this.
  6. Some people will get an irrepressible urge to post this as their status "Please copy this as your status if you don't like "Please copy this as your status ..." statuses."