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For the last year or so, I had seriously convinced myself that I had successfully consolidated my number of blogs to 2 places [1] [2]. So, I thought, now there will come a flurry of posts, each pre-empting the reader's expectation, and the number of interesting pieces will skyrocket. Yet, the result of 8 months of so-called structured blogging has produced little or no stuff worth reading twice.

    In fact, I had achieved atleast a bit more respectable results with my older blogs, meant for specific circles, which the few people that read them would often come back to. I feel that the dip in form is owed very greatly to a further loss in the creative streak I never had. This came about for many reasons, including but not limited to the increase in amount of work I did, especially in non-innovative lines, such as studying for exams, or repititive work. At first I thought you can not write if you work more than you are used to, but then I realised it could not possibly be so simple. The three things that made me understand this were :

1. Many people who are working much more than I do, are still creating pieces much more beautiful than I could ever imagine. Won't list examples, you'll get enough of them here.

2. I worked more in my sixth sem, but wrote less in my seventh.

3. I realised I was never that creative anyway.

    Then I somewhat comprehended what it took to write the best you can. You don't have to work or not work. You just have to choose something, anything, and feel strongly for it. You can love it or hate it, but it gives you a direction, a focus for your energies, that help in getting the author in you to flow. In fact one need not just write, any work of art, be it painting/singing or whatever else, one gets to start afresh and start well if one can define a purpose or inspiration.

    Today, as I sit and write this by wasting precious national resources, that of a governmental supercomputer, I can say I see two inspirational sources, that might give direction or coherence to my thoughts. Whether my assumptions of inspiration succeed in helping me out of written lulldom, only time, as they saqy, will tell. So let's see what this year brings about in my life, both in terms of inspiring events and the blogposts it brings along. Will revisit this blog on the other end of this year.

Signing off for now.


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