Life comes to us in many flavours at many moments. A dialogue in 'Hitch' went as "Measure life not by the number of timews you breathe, but by the moments which take your breath away". 

I never noticed when this latest set of exciting breaths started, but i am not going to let them stop anytime soon, if I can do even the least about it. My planned trip to Mumbai, I realised in retrospection, was what speeded it all up inside my mind. Everything seemed to flow smoothly through my head without effort, as if someone else was advising me and guiding my course of action. It was as if I was running out of time, as if the shooting star that suddenly brightened my night sky would get dimmed from my view if I was late. It was not any particular emotion that guided me, nor any line of thought, at least back then. But as I looked at those thoughtful eyes full of questions and listened to the words of a well practised yet natural speaker, I knew I had struck gold. Here was this beautiful person I had such a good chance to know, to see so closely and understand. As the hours went by, I realised the fluidity in our interaction and the instant chemistry that had developed between us, which included a tacit understanding, that whatever the unnamed relationship we had was, it was destined for eternity.
My first pang of realisation where all this was going to was when I was reminded of the fact that no meeting in the next 4 weeks was a very real possibility. I was thrown into a tumultous exchange of opinion within my mind, of whether this simple yet beautiful thing would get off the worse if complicated things like emotions came into the picture. I got no answer but this, if it was truly meant to be special, so shall it be, no matter in what form it comes, and what name it takes. My belief was strengthened by the fact that my trip got postponed, as if another divine intervention has occured so one more weekend comes before all the others to follow, similar yet one of its kind. Only the test of time will tell me what is destined, but one thing I know beyond doubt, when I say what I have to, there shall be no guile and no hiding, only that which rings true in my heart will be said. Whether it is heard in its own right or just barely listened to is now in your hand, dear lean and hungry Cassius.


When I woke up on Thursday, and looked out of the window, I was greeted by nature, not by its beauties, but by its extremity, what with the blazing sun beating down mercilessly upon the people of this land, who, despite their many great deeds, have been reduced to puny creatures, helpless in their plight from the Sol and its fiery self. Well, I knew I could do but nothing to ease the misery of myself and my fellow earthlings in this regard, but something was there which I had in my capacity to have a part in. 

This was the day I would exercise my right of adult suffrage for the first time. Cliched as it might sound, I can safely say that few days have come in my life when I was more excited than then. This exuberant excitement of mine, though, was not as obvious as it sounds, partly because I did not like the agenda of most parties in the fray, but more importantly because I knew nothing about the people who had registered themselves as candidates in my constituency. Well, there wasn't much I could do about the former, so I set down to correct the latter shortcoming. This, I thought was my chance to practise what I have preached for long, that for any election, vote for the candidate, not the party, since time has shown that who sits at the Centre matters much less to the common citizen than who sits at the local MP seat, since most issues which concern us in everyday life has less to do with things like foreign policy and more to do with things like local infrastructure and security and the like. 

So my decade long friend, the world wide web, no less, joined me in my quest for knowledge. First in the list was our sitting MP, Shri Rupchand Pal[CPI(M)]. On Googling him, I was pleasantly surprised to see a wikipedia entry. My happiness, was rather shortlived however, when the only information it seemed to offer was that he was a member of the 14th Lok Sabha. The other results of any relevance whatsoever seemed to point to various lists of candidates offered in sites by self appointed election evangelists(sounds raw, eughh, but who cares?). With luck worsening on two more candidates and their encouragingly informative search results, I lost all hope of making an intelligent decision and decided on voting for any damn guy who would catch my eye on the EVM panel. Thus ended my quest for proper and intelligent exercising of my democratic right, what with my delving into Gmail chat on one end and IRC on the other the moment I was done. Guess understanding politics and the way of politicians is not my cup of tea.

Fact remains however, that I was disappointed by the bleak online presence of our elected representatives (for example, Googling "kknundy" threw up 48 relevant results last time I checked, and I am nobody).