My bloglife makeover

It was back in 1999 when I first heard about blogging. Well, to say the least, I was horrified by the concept. How and why would anyone, in a sane frame of mind, be willing to lay down his thoughts for the world to see. Back then, the web was a relatively small(miniscule by current standards) community of unknown people, and it is but natural for a 10 yr old, who's grown up watching computers to be nothing but stand-alone calculating behemoths, to feel insecure in his first steps into this world of strangers. Remember, that back then nearly no one I knew had any sort of access to the net, and the "Web revolution" had not yet hit my country in general, and my haunts in particular. Those were the days when even setting up a mail account was news, and 'Googling' wasn't yet a word. So I never bothered to even look for a blog on the net, when every minute spent online costed me a hefty INR 2.30, and my first look into this forbidden world came years later, in 2003, when blogging was in the news for some reason. The content I came across got me interested, as even as a child I have always enjoyed looking into the minds of others to try and realise how they work. Even then, my interest was purely academic in nature, and I never expected that some day I would have my own blogs to write in. 
    So when I created my first blog a couple of years back, I can safely say it meant little more to me than an escape route for some of my thoughts which I was getting grossly obsessed with. It was then a personal spot of seclusion and reclusion and I doubt if it had ever had any reader except myself to even gloss through it. It was around 3 months later, that, irritated at the stupidity of some of my posts, I deleted the blog in a huff, thinking that it had all been one fine trip into the world of blogging, but that my part in it was over for now.
  How wrong I was! My true tryst with blogging was yet to start. 
Jan-08:My roomie creates a blog and posts a couple of poems he's written. Everyone seems to be very excited about it. So for the lack of better things to do, I decide to show to the world that there is nothing so great or holy about either of the two, and "Life and Death" is born. It was what I could call my first true blog, but my first post didn't quite have the effect I had desired. I had named it "Goodbye in Advance", and several people thought I was actively contemplating suicide. Here's an insight:
Life has been short, so said a friend
Short it does seem, when we near its end

Remember me, second to none
After all has been said and done

When I am dead or I am lost
I won't return at any cost

It is not so easy to die
It pains so much to say goodbye

I like to live, I like so much
There is no one I hate as such

We like to think that life is long
It might yet end before this song

When life seems unpleasant or hard
Don't think it's played it's toughest card

Good things in life just look so bad
That when they pass you feel so sad

You didn't when you had the chance
Though now you may have changed your stance

But what has gone has gone away
Now I must go, I cannot stay

So farewell friends, one and all
I must answer a higher call
  Thus began my foray into the blogosphere. I started to actively follow blogs, fill some of my own ones and discuss blogs and blogging on irc and stuff. It was then that happened, in response to a diktat that everyone in GLUG core committee must have their own blogs to spread FOSS awareness. By then, my no. of posts were respectably high in what I then called my personal blogs. However, my blogs were so strewn with personally damnable data that I felt uncomfortable to advertise it to the world at large. My bloglife then had a personality spilt, between the personal and the professional. 
08 April,2009:Life turns full cycle, they say. I was appointed JOURNALIST, GLUG, NIT-Dgp, whatever that is supposed to mean, earlier today. My responsibilities include settling and documenting the plethora of blogs the various lugcore people have set up through the year. What better day can there be, I ask myself, to merge my split cyberself back into a single entity. I fall back on my true friend, my tried and tested username : k k n u n d y . The transformation is complete. The journey, I guess, is far from over yet.

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