A long rant

It is done, and it is past
How was it when it did last

Loved at times, hated it too
Too less time, a lot to do

I look back and I see it now
Why I dropped, and I see how

I went in from the grandest chair
Then suddenly there was no flair

What I dreamt of in older days
Had suddenly parted ways

My newer dreams were not of mine
I got them not, was I not trying

I just looked for the greater good
Ignoring some things more than I should

My spark had all but gone off then
I did not excel, don't know since when

But then I had to turn around
A rejenuvated flow I found

A hallucinating dream it was
It hit my head as such a thing does

I could now see the path ahead
I could not look on to old in dread

Losing this path would take me too far
I won't return from another scar

With conviction I turned away
The alternate price unwilling to pay

Today as I stand and look back down
I still call those steps my own

Some feelings then might have gotten hurt
Still for my own sake I was as curt

People look to their own good a lot
To do so too is no great blot

I care not much if for my sake
Anyone sad I did make

I did it not for malice please
Nor was it a matter of ease

It matters not now any more
I am too busy to the core

I wont waste more in useless fields
Now I must work till result yields

I am right back to olden days
I am on track in my own ways

Now I must go I will be back
Let me go down my beaten track

These lines are gonna draw me flak
Yet no reason to give it slack

Title inspired by : found through Sayesha's blog.
P.S. title inspiration is independent of lyric inspiration. This is an independent work which shall have comments by some people. I want them to post their views on the comments section and not on my IM. If not for anything else then for GFDL's sake.