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This is a poem by Shourjya Sanyal, Founder Director, tHINKbIOsOLN.
A bit of blank verse. Not my style, but I liked it anyway.

The lonely Knight went up the stair,
the princess alone up the tower
He had been brave,
dragon he had slaughtered oft,
kingdoms vanquished many

Yet deep down he hold the (prin)cess and down he looks on the land,
on yonder there a shepherd stands amidst his flock,
like an epic god of orient stock.

Up the stairs the winner stand lonely with his prize,
yet he wants to be down
on the ground and look yonder at the beauty up,
a quick glance, a quick stare, and feel the beauty from down there.

A winner born , a curse is spelled,
no way can with his might he can repel.
He stands close yet so far,
and wishes to be far yet so close.

Meanings not the sentence make,
but understand once the riddle break.

Distance fades and might may whine,
the love stays on so do I.


sharaya said...

Blank verses are difficult..However after could be said.. it does have reasonable continuity..the last two lines are the icing though...

Abhijit Bhattacharyya said...

last two lines were awesome..........but ur blank verses were a bit lacking in rhythm....overall...good...

Quintessence Of Illusion said...

Your blank verse .....brimming with imageries.....both chaotic n non-chaotic acomplishes its mission............well done Sourjya