My first poem on this blog. You can find some older ones here.

It is a war we come to fight
Some of us call it life
In it some get off light
Some face a deadening strife

Yet we want to live it all
Not leave it midway through
Sometimes we rise, at times we fall
It tiltillates us like a shrew.

It is fun at times to fight this war
Till we reach its sudden end
To live it well we hold no bar
Let's enjoy this God-send

War they say has no winners
In this case it isnt so
Here all win all become stars
Every dog has his day before we go.


Debayan said...

You can do better :P

T. Mukherjee said...

The poem is really nice. But, its interpretation can vary with readers. What war are you exactly talking about?

sharaya said...

The last 4 lines uplifted the quality..I reckon..

abthefire said...

i personally think, you should stick to prose...the thoughts were nice though it seemed you had made a big effort to make rhyme.